The expandable twin lift spreaders from SF Port EQ’s second platform for heavy duty is the TEHS+. This platform is built for the most environmentally challenging segment within container handling, the ship to shore spreaders. Through a robust yet simple design and carefully selected components, this twin lift spreader is purpose built for the harsh environment of the ship to shore operations. It is designed to handle containers sized from 20 to 45 and 2 x 20 feel with ISO twistlocks. The TEHS+ is an electric hydraulic work horse, based on proven technology, required when high availability, simplicity and maintenance friendly solutions are focused upon.

Key Features

  • High lifting capacity
  • Low tare weight
  • Low power consumption for a hydraulic unit
  • Open access to service point
  • Vulnerable parts protected by the structure
  • Twistlock system without mechanical or sensor adjustment requirements
  • Fewer components, in particular bolted parts
  • Simple latching system for twin telescope


Lifting capacity in accordance with EN 13001 evenly loaded

55 T

< 10 % eccentric

55 T

Twin lift

2 x 35 T

Tare weight

10.8 T

Twistlock rotation time

< 1 s

Telescopic time 20 to 40 ft

22 s

Telescopic time 20 to 45 ft

27 s

Flipper time for 180 deg

4-6 s

Flipper torque

5500 Nm

Power consumption

< 7.5 kW

Main voltage

Default 400 VAC or per request

Main voltage frequency

50 Hz or per request

Control voltage


Default 24 VDC

Crane interface

Per request