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Elin Test

As part of our commitment to sustainability, sfPORTEQ commissioned an assessment of its products and business operations from independent consultancy Envima AB.We are pleased to share their findings, and to recognise that for sfPORTEQ, sustainability is a value, not just a box to be checked. Our sustainability action plan includes:

- Reducing CO2 emissions
- Greater energy efficiency
- Reducing consumption and waste in our manufacturing process
- Reducing transportation in our supply chain
- A business Code of Conduct, shared with our suppliers
- Human factors – making equipment safer and easier to use

Based on Envima’s assessment, we have created forward action plans to help us deliver on our sustainability objectives.

Yard Spreaders

Our yard spreaders are designed to handle containers sized from 20 to 45 feet with ISO twistlocks. Specially designed electrical transmissions actuate the twistlock and telescopic functions. The main structure holds all components well protected from outside forces. The twistlock gearbox runs over the centre of the unit, thereby limiting the effects of impacts of external forces. Special attention has been devoted to ensuring maximum operational availability and making maintenance as simple as possible.

Curious about our spreaders?
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