We have a stock of spare parts available for a short delivery time, for both our equipment as well to other equipment suppliers. We are able to help the customers for their spare parts needed.

Twistlock pins are the most essential part on a spreader without the twistlock pin, spreaders will not work. We are able to supply twistlock pins to our spreaders as well as to other spreader suppliers. Even headblock twistlock pins we are able to supply. All of the pins are produced with the best available material on the market.
Electrical Components
We have a wide range of electrical components availble for supply. Examples: Sensors, cable connectors for both sensors and hydraulic valves, power supplies, contactors, relay’s, electrical motors and any other electrical component that you will need.
Hydraulic components
We have a wide range of  spare parts for hydraulic components and are helping customers for the special needs. Examples: Hydraulic cylinders, motors, pumps, hoses, seal kits and valves.
Mechanical Components
We are producing all various of mechanical parts for your equipment with the latest material available on the market. Examples: Guide arms, cable chains, steel plates, chains and gearboxes.