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A world of container spreaders.

Sustainable container handling, at your service. We create tailor-made solutions to your unique opportunities.

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We make green,
for real.

Our aim is to provide an automation lead in the container handling industry. Speeding up the past in the industry 4.0 transformation. Do you want to be the modern container terminal taking the step towards a sustainable logistics chain? Choose sfPORTEQ spreaders - Sustainable container handling at your service.

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    What we believe in

    At sfPORTEQ, we see ourselves not just as a world-class spreader manufacturer but as part of a family of customers, suppliers and partners. That means we live the values of a responsible partner – starting with the environment.


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    If global trade is the body,
    the spreader is the heart.

    Our services

    We believe in reliability, quality and design.





    In need of spare parts?
    We have a stock of spare parts available for a short delivery time, for both our equipment as well to other equipment suppliers.

    Latest news

    Stay in the know. Here is our latest updates in the world of sustainable container handling.

    Customers that recommend us

    "sfPORTEQ provided the perfect solution for us both with a very Maintainance friendly spreader, a cost-effective solution as well as an energy-saving spreader since it is all-electric."

    - Alejandro Kissner, Project Manager at DAK Americas Argentina