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Spreader for container handling

The most sustainable spreader on the market!

Do you want to know why sfPORTEQ has the most sustainable spreader on the market?!

Here are the answers.

“If global trade is the body the spreader is the heart.”

Beatrice Björk CEO sfPORTEQ


sfPORTEQ offers products and solutions that has a direct and indirect effect on global trade. Global trade, which is a prerequisite for, for example, transport of medicine, food, etc. Besides the worldwide trade, the terminals are often crucial for the city and area where they are located, and it provides to receive freight but also creates a lot of job opportunities.

sfPORTEQ has an impact on several of the United Nations’ global goals. Primarily 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 e.g. number 12 Sustainable consumption and production, container handling by train, and shipping are the most sustainable options to move cargo. Secondary 2, 3, 6 and 14. Goal 2 no hunger, several countries are dependent on import food, and containers primarly transport it. The following points state strong sustainability arguments for sfPORTEQ’s products;

  • Long-lasting products – not cheap but high quality creating lower life cycle cost
  • Fulfilling a variety of unique equipment needs from customers which supporting the customers in less need of change all types of equipment
  • Product build for humans creates safe products easy handle, direct effect on safety and health for all terminal workers

The sustainability effects beyond the product include:

  • Lightweight products provide energy savings
  • Modular design creates conditions for a more circular economy, prolongs lifespan and facilitates service and spare part handling
  • High reliability of end customers – vessels do need to compensate with speed due do port delays originate from equipment issues
We will continue working for a sustainable world aligned with the UN agenda 2030.
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