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sfPORTEQ Mobile harbor spreader

Unveiling the Power of sfPORTEQ Mobile Harbour Spreaders


In the fast-paced world of maritime logistics, efficiency and reliability are paramount. Enter sfPORTEQ Mobile Harbour Spreaders, a technological marvel designed to meet the industry’s high demands. With a focus on robustness and versatility, these spreaders are engineered to handle containers ranging from 20 to 45 feet, providing a seamless solution for the dynamic needs of harbors worldwide.

Swedish innovation 1 Mobile harbour spreaders sfPORTEQ
Swedish innovation 2 Mobile harbour spreaders sfPORTEQ
Swedish innovation 3 Mobile harbour spreaders sfPORTEQ

MHC Single Lift Hydraulic:

The MHC Single Lift Hydraulic spreader is a testament to sfPORTEQ’s commitment to excellence. This spreader delivers the strength and endurance required for continuous operations, is electric, hydraulic, and built on proven technology. Its ability to handle containers with ISO twistlocks ensures compatibility with industry standards. The design emphasizes maximizing availability and simplifying maintenance, addressing critical concerns in the demanding maritime environment.
MHC Single Lift (SHMH & SHMH+)

MHC Twin Lift Hydraulic:

Building on the success of the Single Lift Hydraulic, the MHC Twin Lift Hydraulic takes versatility to the next level. This spreader is a game-changer capable of handling not only containers ranging from 20 to 45 feet but also two 20-foot containers simultaneously. The electric hydraulic system, rooted in proven technology, guarantees durability for continuous and efficient operations. Like its predecessor, maintenance is streamlined, and availability is optimized for peak performance.
MHC Twin Lift Hydraulic (THMH & THMH+)

Twin Expandable Hydraulic Mobile Harbor:

The epitome of sfPORTEQ’s innovation, the Twin Expandable Hydraulic Mobile Harbor spreader showcases a unique separating feature with 1600mm, catering to specific industry needs. Designed to handle containers from 20 to 45 feet and two 20-foot containers with ISO twistlocks, this spreader redefines versatility. The electric hydraulic system ensures the necessary strength and endurance for continuous operation, and meticulous design attention emphasizes maximum availability and simplified maintenance.
Twin Expandable Hydraulic Mobile Harbor


sfPORTEQ Mobile Harbour Spreaders stand as a testament to advancements in maritime technology. With a focus on robustness, versatility, and efficiency, these spreaders are poised to revolutionize container handling in harbors globally. The electric hydraulic systems, rooted in proven technology, provide the strength and endurance required for the demanding nature of continuous operations. As the maritime industry evolves, sfPORTEQ remains at the forefront, delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine the standards of excellence in mobile harbor spreaders.
Mobile harbour spreaders sfPORTEQ