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sfPORTEQ: Leading the Way in Sustainability

At sfPORTEQ, we take pride in our role as a sustainability leader, aligning with the UN Agenda 2030 and embracing various sustainability requirements.

Our commitment goes beyond reducing carbon emissions; it extends to creating a safe and inclusive work environment and producing spreaders that empower everyone to excel.

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UN Agenda 2030:

We stand hand-in-hand with the UN Agenda 2030, working towards a more sustainable future for all, which covers all three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, the social, and the environmental.

Our initiatives directly contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), fostering economic growth while safeguarding our planet.


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Make green for real- stop greenwashing!

For us at sfPORTEQ, we must make green for real!

We understand that we can always do more things to prevent greenwashing and take the lead in the sustainability of the container handling industry. Therefore, we follow the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities to prevent greenwashing!

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Reducing Carbon Emissions:

sfPORTEQ is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and mitigating its environmental impact. Our product contributes to reducing the terminals’ emissions.

We adhere to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, implementing innovative technologies and practices to minimize our carbon footprint.

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Safe and Inclusive Work Environment:

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of our values. We promote gender equality and create an inclusive workplace for all.

Our spreaders are designed to be user-friendly, making them accessible to both men and women, furthering our commitment to equality.

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Empowering Everyone:

sfPORTEQ spreaders are engineered with precision and ease of use in mind.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, our spreaders empower everyone to excel in their work.

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sfPORTEQ is not just a company; we are a driving force for change in the sustainability landscape.

Join us on this journey towards a greener future, where innovation meets inclusivity and sustainability thrives.

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