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High quality twistlock

High-Quality Twistlocks Made in Sweden

Made in snow for rough conditions, Made to be suitable to change in a suit.
Did you know 40-50% downtime is because of the twistlock design and its surrounding setup?
Twistlock made in sweden

The most essential part on a spreader

Twistlock pins are the most essential part on a spreader without the twistlock pin, spreaders will not work.
We supply twistlock pins to our spreaders as well as to other spreader suppliers.
Even headblock twistlock pins we can supply.

All of the pins are produced with the best available material on the market and Made in Sweden.

Container spreader spareparts
Container handling twistlock


sfPORTEQ twistlock pins have a 400.000 cycles lifetime it is due to our focus on increasing the MMBF (Mean Moves Between Failure), all our other twistlocks pins we supply have 200.000 cycles to the other spreaders and headblock twistlocks.

Do you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.